Current version 1.3.2

3 euros for limited time

LuSol-Guide (Made in France :-) ) is designed to be a simple and useful software to perform autoguiding on Sun for solar observing as well as solar photography during many hours. LuSol-Guide offers also the possibility to guide on Moon, and crescents, Moon crescents and sun eclipse (to be tested). It is developed for Windows 7/8.

Thanks to LuSol-Guide, no precise alignement is required to track the sun over a long observing or imaging session. For imaging use, particulary with h-alpha filters, LuSol-Guide simplifies the realization of long time lapse movies at the moment of the acquisition as well as post-processing.

A lot of cameras are supported and all mount compatible with ASCOM interface can be used. They are:

  • all mount with ASCOM driver : tested on Vixen sphinx, Celestron Nexstar, Takahashi, Synta mount (HEQ5, EQ6…)
  • all camera with Directshow/WDM driver : ZWO camera (tested with the famous ASI120), the Imaging source DMK/DBK cameras, qhy5l-ii (note a problem with the last driver of QHY!), standard webcams, Inova camera (tested with PLB-Mx only)…

Enjoy using this software and please feel free to contact me - oc.lab@free.fr - with any feedback or suggestions that you wish to make !

What’s new in 1.3.2 ?

- new centroid calculation more robust for moon autoguiding

- various bug fixed : image resizing, centroid calculation more robust